Really beautiful video. We enjoyed it very much. Thank U

You did an excellent job. Thanks. Will definitely recommend you.

Just wanted to thank you very much for the wonderful video you did for our daughter. We are absolutely thrilled with it and continue to recommend you to our friends.

Just watching now. Its gorgeous. Thank you so much for giving us such wonderful memories

wow, wow! - you did a fantastic job. We are re-living the simcha

Hi, Just watching the video. Its amazing. Thanks so Much

Thank you so much for all the hard work and trouble you took over the video. I know you want to give us a discount, but please let us pay you properly for your work and professionalism

I've not been able to view it entirely yet, but what I have seen so far is amazing. Thanks ever so much.

Dear David, What can I say. I have watched the entire video!! I love it. It really is amazing! You have captured the atmosphere perfectly! I must go to bed but am a little too excited!! Thank you so very much. It is all perfect.

The video is brilliant - really well done

Everyone loves the video you made of grandma's 90th. Many thanks.

Thanks for dropping in the USB stick. It was lovely to see the video. It brought all the good memories back. It was really well done. Thanks again.

The video is super. Really captures the evening. Many thanks

Video is great. Thank you so much.

I didn't get a chance to thank you for videoing last night. Many thanks for the professional, quiet way in which you did everything.

The video is amazing. Thank you so much its really something out of this world. Everyone loves it!!!!

Thank you for the video. Its absolutely stunning. You certainly put a lot into editing the video to capture the day in the best possible way. Much appreciated

Us, our families and friends have watched the video, and we have really enjoyed it! Very professional, and clear, absolutely beautifully done, and extremely grateful we have our good memories to look at so clearly.

It's really fantastic - great Purim spirit and you've captured it so well !!

We are so happy with the video and will treasure it. We are enjoying it more and more every time we watch it.

Absolutely love it!!! Thanks so much. A wonderful souvenir of a fantastic night.

We have watched it (more than once!) and it is perfect! You have really captured the atmosphere and we feel as if we are there again. Thank you so much.

The highlights are beautiful. Thank you so much, we LOVE it

I've had a quick flick as too impatient to wait until I can sit down and watch the whole thing. It's wonderful! Thank you so much

The quality looks great. The audio clips that you selected were all really special choices. The whole thing feels like a dream and it's wonderful to cement the memories with your footage

The chuppah highlights are beautiful, thank you

Love the video, thank you!!

Hi David, Thanks so much, it's your best video!

Wow ! Thank you so much for a wonderful film, I think it is absolutely fantastic and I can't wait to use it

Thanks Mr Barry, we watched the video last night. It was a fantastic memory of our Barmitzah. You seemed to be in all the right places with your camera. A fantastic job and we are really pleased with it


We have been delighted to watch the video you made of the wedding of our son and daughter-in-law at Tewin Bury Farm Hotel recently. Thank you so very much - we have so enjoyed watching it and discovering things we had missed at the event itself - and reliving the joyous day

Thanks so much again. It was a real pleasure working with you, and you really delivered an excellent service! - You can quote me on that!

The video is really excellent! Such a good story it tells! Excellent clips and really interesting to watch

EXCELLENT VIDEO!!!! Truly amazing!

Superb work, David - exceeded all expectations! An invaluable record of an energy filled day! Thanks for helping us relive it.

David,Great work! Loved the video!!

Despite what you say I think it is a cracking video! Thank you again. Its really great!

Thank you so much for your amazing video of our wedding. Your dedication to our simcha was way above the call of duty and we are so touched and extremely grateful

KC filmmaker with over 25 years experience: Watched the video, and its a pretty good job. Not too long and professional looking

You said from the beginning that you are not a professional and would try your hardest to capture the atmosphere & highlights of the day. What can we say? You did just that plus more! I was in tears. It was so beautiful and exceeded our expectations.......

I think you really need to give yourself more credit. I've now watched the video 8x and counting.....Thank you for capturing our very special day and for giving us the opportunity to relive our day

My sincere thanks for the excellent Video you made. I feel you achieved exactly what I requested and compliment you on a really good piece

A fantastic video. Well done and thank you

videos were fabulous. We are absolutely delighted with them

David, outstanding video. It was amazing. Thank you.

The video looks great and does capture the positive atmosphere and vibe we had on Sunday!

These videos are absolutely fantastic!!! Really great work - they have captured every aspect of our event - the atmosphere, the buzz, the excitement, the runners, volunteers and the importance of fundraising for the charities involved. Really appreciate you doing this for us you have done a wonderful job

I absolutely love the video! (& I don't say that about many things!)

Just want to thank you so much for the video you made of our demonstration. It is so powerful and we've had so much great feedback! Hopefully this will help us in gaining more publicity and bring us one step closer to justice for my boys. I showed it to my lawyer today. He was visibly shaken and said how powerful this report was. He said it is bound to help in exerting further pressure on the relevant authorities

videos that look as good as the event itself

I have just watched the video and you have done an amazing job. It turned out even better than I expected and are very grateful. The music, the editing both are simple fantastic

the concert footage is stunning

I thought the video of the National shul table tennis championships was great. Commentary was amusing as nobody seemed to have much of an idea about the technical aspects of the game but it really did not matter. The footage was really enjoyable and I think you did a great job

you seem to catch the excitement of the moment in your videos

I've watched the video and am really happy with it! Thank you so much for conducting the interview so professionally and making me feel so comfortable in front of the camera

Thanks for the video - watched every one of the 37 entertaining minutes!!

I have just seen the clip you sent me. It is fabulous thank you for doing this. I am forwarding the link to the Secretary of State's office, I believe the second clip with an interview with the Secretary of State is very important.

The Al Qud video report was fascinating and chilling